Content Strategy and User Experience: Combination in Practice

WRK8 Workshops Track


WEDNESDAY, 1:00 - 4:30 PM

Content strategy and user experience are a perfect pairing. Usability issues are often the result of vague context, poor word choices, or the right message but at the wrong time. All too often the disciplines are separated. It’s time to join forces and get out of your seat for a real-life usability study.
All seasoned conference attendees know that every venue faces usability issues, whether in signage, access, crazy elevators, etc. We’ll track down those examples in our own venue and using tactics from user experience and content strategy such as cardsorts, user journey maps, audits, models, and more, we’ll create a strategy to fix the grouped issues. You'll walk away with an understanding of how to put together a research plan, execute it, and solve your content issues to make your users happy. Specifically, learn:
• How to identify usability issues and complete basic usability techniques such as cardsorting.

• How to advocate for cross-team collaboration in your organization for better solutions.

• Different ways content strategy can solve many user experience problems.

• Understanding of basic user experiences techniques and terminology.


Amy Grace Wells
University of South Carolina

Amy Grace Wells is the content strategist at University of South Carolina, where she works in both digital and brand strategy. With a decade of experience in higher ed, publishing and nonprofit, Wells knows a thing or two about "making rainbows and herding cats." She holds a Master's in Higher Education from Ohio University and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in User Experience Design from Kent State University.

 Her previous experiences include Texas A&M AgriLife, where she directed content strategy, information architecture and social media for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and five state agencies and director of communications for the College of Fine Arts at Ohio University. She served as an expert reviewer for "Content Strategy for Wordpress" published in 2015. Bragging rights include holding a sensei rank in karate and singing happy birthday to Muhammad Ali.


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