Sketch for Wireframing and Responsive Web Design

WRK2 Workshops Track

Cotton Row

SUNDAY, 1:00 - 4:30 PM

Sketch for Mac has become the screen designer’s darling in a world with more ways to display content than ever before. The app’s focused design, speed, and web-centric tools make it great for rapidly drafting up wireframes and responsive web layouts. It just might be time to replace your Photoshop and Illustrator design flows with the new kid in town.

In this workshop Joel Goodman will introduce Sketch and its time-saving features, focusing on responsive web design for higher education. Attendees will learn how to work Sketch into their normal workflow and learn some additional tricks in using the app.

Sketch for Wireframing and Responsive Web Design will cover:
All of the major Sketch features
How to navigate the Sketch interface
Using Symbols and Text Styles
Using Pages and Artboards efficiently
RWD workflow tips
Third party plugins and tools

Please note that Sketch is only available for Mac OS X. A Mac laptop with a trial or licensed versions of Sketch is recommended during this workshop.


Joel Goodman
Bravery Media


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