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River Bluff

SUNDAY, 1:00 - 4:30 PM

Where does our time go? Somewhere in the middle of our overlapping project deadlines, meetings, and daily emails, we are all just trying to do good work, but it's hard to keep up. We do our best to stay organized with productivity apps and calendars and "lifehacks" but in the end we are humans and easily distracted by funny videos of cats — how can we be expected to actually get stuff done each day? Expanding on the Red Stapler & "Best of Conference" award-winning presentation from HighEdWeb 2014, this workshop will lead you through practical steps to evaluate how you work now, identify your natural prodcutivity style, and discover the best Goals, Tools, and Habits for improving how you get stuff done in a way that is achievable, sustainable, and shareable with others on your teams.

Through a mix of lectures and discussions and a few fun diversions along the way, we’ll explore the power of "Goals Before Tools" by focusing on five productive human goals of being Honest, Unafraid, Mindful, Active, and Nice. As we unpack each of those goals in more detail, participants are invited to bring specific examples of productivity habits they want to improve: reaching inbox zero with your email, making better use of daily calendars, creating a new morning routine, or dealing with one of the many bottlenecks and workflows unique to higher ed offices—anything that you want to get better at is up for discussion. We'll dedicate time to developing individual plans that apply these five goals to your situation, then through interaction and group discussion, you’ll find the best areas of focus, identify short term and long term goals, and then plan realistic changes to your existing tools and habits that can help you reach those goals. You’ll also learn how to measure the success of these changes over time, and tactics for how to get back on track when you lose your way.


David Cameron
Ithaca College

Dave Cameron is a human who likes to enable other humans to create, discover, and share awesome experiences with the world. Currently the lead web producer and content strategist for enrollment and recruitment marketing at Ithaca College, he has worked in higher ed communications for over 12 years as a writer, multimedia producer, production coordinator, social media manager, and content editor. He gives talks and writes regularly at about building better habits, improving the higher ed web experience, and the wonderful complexities of being human. When he’s not working or learning, he is practicing sleight-of-hand magic, enjoying the finest local food and drink of the Finger Lakes, and generally hanging out with his awesome wife. He has been a member of the HighEdWeb Association since 2012, including stints as an Red Stapler-winning presenter, keynote speaker, and regional conference co-chair.


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