Student Journey Mapping

WRK9 Workshops Track

Ballroom C

SUNDAY, 1:00 - 4:30 PM

People on campus love to tell you what they think students need/think. Let's talk about how we can actually find out and avoid debates. Rooted in creating a user-centric product (website, mobile app, social media properties), the concept of User Journey Mapping (or Student Journey Mapping, for us) can be a cornerstone for projects in higher education.

Having gone through this process with over a dozen institutions, I’d like to share my successes and failures in order to help you in preparing your own Student Journey Mapping process. In this workshop we will:
• Understand the fit of a Journey Map
• Identify our audiences (individually)
• Identify our unique data collection process
• Create interview questions
• Execute interviews through role playing
• Learn to prioritize findings

This process will help you understand how to bring together data from both administrative and student-based interviews (surveys, focus groups, 1-on-1 interviews and analytics), how to turn this data into information, and finally, how to develop that into a document that your community will understand. You will leave this session with the framework to begin your own student journey mapping exercise which will help you to use data to drive your decisions.

When executed correctly, these Student Journey Maps can allow you to have frank discussions internally without guessing about your user needs or opinions.


JP Rains
Director of Digital Strategy , Laurentian University

JP Rains, MBA, was appointed the Director of Digital Strategy at his alma mater of Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario in April 2016. Prior to that, Rains led strategy for two years as Vice-President of Strategy for Soshal Group, a digital agency working with a focus on clients in higher education. He started his career at Laurentian University, working in recruitment, marketing, communications and finally, Information Technology before joining Soshal Group. Rains brings over 7 years of experience in working in digital strategy, specifically in higher education, with over 25 different universities and colleges. Rains has given 20+ national-level talks on web strategy, digital trends and social media. Rains is the board chair of the Post-Secondary Education Web Conference of Canada.


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