Content Repository UX: The CRUX of the Matter. Bring the Dream of Content Sharing to Life

WRK10 Workshops Track

Ballroom D

SUNDAY, 1:00 - 4:30 PM

How do you ensure consistent information quality and presentation across a diverse and dispersed network of institutional sites? How do you modernize the digital press to execute the distributed message? Dartmouth has found a solution: a shared content repository that will ultimately serve as the bedrock of our 200+ institutional sites. With an emphasis on the content repository user experience (CRUX), we are building a digital commons to render silos invisible on the surface.

In this workshop, Web Services Director Susan Lee and UX Team Lead Sarah Maxell Crosby will share how we arrived at this milestone. We’ll review the design thinking and preparation required for a transition of this magnitude, reveal some of the biggest challenges we encountered, and offer hands-on exercises to help you plan for your own content sharing project.

This session will cover:

• Identifying the pitfalls—and opportunities—of your current system
• The importance of deeply understanding your users
• Establishing digital governance at the leadership level
• How to get buy-in from crucial partners
• Creative funding ideas
• Unidirectional vs. bidirectional COPE models
• Questions of territoriality and authorship


Sarah Maxell Crosby
UX Team Lead, Dartmouth College

Sarah Maxell Crosby leads Dartmouth’s Web Services UX Team, overseeing content strategy, user experience, accessibility, and support for more than 200 client sites across the institution. She previously worked as a communications specialist for two Dartmouth presidents. Before finding her calling in digital strategy, Sarah visited the career buffet, racking up experience in event marketing, PR, recruiting, video production, and independent film.


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