Building a Better (Campus) Map (DPA1)

Wayfinding and map data: so many (conflicting) data sources out there, so little time - but so much potential for losing your future students before you’ve even made the pitch. We’ll briefly review ways to correct your campus data in major mapping systems, and then we’ll use that data to form the building blocks of a fairly easy to build, inexpensive, mobile-friendly interactive map for your campus.

One Cool Thing -- Everyday (AIM10)

Competing for the attention of prospective students, alumni and others is a huge challenge. Take a look at whether developing a mobile app ought to be part of your strategic mix. According to Nielsen, when it comes to using apps versus mobile web, 89% of people surveyed access content using mobile apps, while only 11% spent time using the web on mobile. Learn about how one college marketing department developed an app to ride this wave. One Cool Thing is an iOS and Android app that delivers content supporting key brand messaging — with the specific intention of becoming part of a person’s daily routine. This session will cover how the app was conceived, the technical work that was required to build the app -- but not too technical ;-) -- the editorial work required to maintain the app, and a look at the analytics. We’ll talk about how the app is connected to our alumni magazine, the physical campus via augmented reality, blogs, and other platforms.