Marketing Your Faculty: Help Them Help You (TIE2)

Faculty expertise and visibility drive the academic reputation of education institutions. Proper collection, curation, and promotion of faculty information can help improve that reputation and benefit marketing, enrollment and public relations efforts. mStoner Strategist Fran Zablocki will discuss best practices for using faculty expertise as a critical marketing content pool to raise the prominence of your institution. Attendees will learn: - Content strategy practices to leverage faculty expertise on your academic program pages and throughout your entire website. - Best Practice examples of faculty content done well. - Identification of the types of content needed for robust faculty profiles. - Tactics to establish sound faculty content management and governance. - Recommendations for building a faculty experts center and maximizing the promotion of faculty expertise and engagement with media professionals.

We Live in the Future: 360 Video & Higher Ed (UAD5)

Virtual reality is coming, and it's coming fast. In December 2015, the New York Times distributed over 1 million Google Cardboard viewers to its print subscribers. YouTube and Facebook both support 360 degree videos, and WebVR is bringing virtual reality content out of the realm of high-end gaming and specialized devices. Some experts predict VR will be bigger than the film industry within 10 years. What does this mean for higher education? With a new and cheaper gadgets released seemingly every day, the technology is becoming more and more accessible. Come hear how Colorado College is leveraging this new medium, what we’ve learned, and how you can get started--even with limited time and budget.

Effective Academic Program Pages That Attract and Convert (TIE6)

Academic program pages are dollar for dollar the most important pages on your institutions site. Why are we not treating them like it? Learn how to craft a user experience and SEO informed content strategy to gain more organic search traffic and better answer the questions of your prospects to generate interest in your schools academics programs.

You Get What You Pay For: Make Facebook Advertising Work for You (AIM11)

We've all spent countless hours and months -- for many of us, years -- growing our Facebook page likes and optimizing our content and calendars. Yet each year our organic reach shrinks, and our carefully crafted posts reach a smaller percentage of our fans. The reason for this is obvious: Facebook wants us to pay. The good news is, with even a small budget, you can make use of Facebook's robust, detailed, and, at times, creepy knowledge of their consumers, and spend your money and your energy reaching your target audiences. This session will focus on the backend of Facebook's native advertising tools, covering Facebook Power Editor, advanced keyword and geo-targeting, email match, remarketing, conversion tracking, Google Analytics integration, and more. We'll also touch on Instagram advertising, as it relates to Facebook, and touch on Twitter and LinkedIn as a bonus if time allows. Bring your laptops, your questions, and any of your own experiences with Facebook advertising to share–together we'll cut through the noise and get our content back in front of the people who care about it!