Accessibility Essentials You Can Use Today

TIE4 Technology in Education

Location: Sultana/Mississippi

MONDAY, 11:45 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

All students deserve full access. Many are being left out. End that cycle now with these accessibility essentials. Penn State’s Dutton e-Education Institute embraces accessibility to create a culture of inclusion for all of our online students. We’ve become efficient and effective in developing and maintaining accessible online content, and this session will motivate and equip you to do the same. We'll demonstrate how a screen reader interacts with properly formatted online content to ensure a positive user experience. Creating accessible online content doesn’t need to be overwhelming or daunting; you just need to know where to start. You’ll walk away from this session armed with our top accessibility tips and the knowledge, tools, and resources you’ll need to immediately begin to improve the accessibility of your web pages. LEARNING OUTCOMES: • Acknowledge that the need for widespread accessibility is universal and not limited to individuals who are vision and hearing impaired • Identify and remediate the top accessibility ‘blockers’ in an efficient manner (images, tables, links, math equations, etc.) • Gather information on various methods used to improve accessibility • Understand the function and limitations of a screen reader and how it interacts with online content

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Maria Wherley
Assistant Learning Designer, Penn State University

Maria Wherley is an Editor and Assistant Learning Designer with the Dutton e-Education Institute at Penn State. She works to improve the accessibility of web pages for online students, is a former teacher, and is pursuing a master’s degree in Education. She is looking forward to the day when everyone has access to everything!

Jennifer Babb
Assistant Learning Designer, Penn State University

Jennifer Babb has been an Assistant Learning Designer with the Dutton e-Education Institute at Penn State for over 8 years. She is passionate about providing equal access to all students and has specialized in creating accessible online content for the last four years.

Michelle McManus
IT Consultant, Penn State University

Michelle McManus is an IT consultant working for Penn State University since 2011. She works to make the web accessible for people with disabilities. She is a certified teacher for the visually impaired and really enjoys working with people and technology. McManus hopes to improve the world for all of us who have disabilities and need “accessibility” in our lives.