50 Case Studies Later, Have We Learned Anything? Running an Internal Web Agency at Stanford

MPD9 Management and Professional Development

Location: Ballroom E

TUESDAY, 10:45 - 11:30 a.m.

At Stanford’s School of Humanities and Sciences, we've seen it all: a nursery school, an archaeology collection, a slang dictionary, a collection of 10th century manuscripts, and a wide variety of academic departments, interdisciplinary programs, and research projects. We’ve redesigned over 50 websites in the last two years - and we make it a priority to learn and reflect on each one. What makes a client well poised for a web redesign, and how do we get them there? Why do plenty of big agency projects fall flat? How do we educate clients about project costs? When do sub-sites make sense? And of course how do we balance projects vs cross-cutting initiatives vs time for the team? Learning Outcomes * Matching projects to different redesign formats * How to be the most attractive option for a website redesign (cost, security, branding, accessibility, support, and maintenance) * How to allocate a team to invest in initiatives and create long-term dividends * Design thinking tips to build an effective team

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Dustin Liang
Web and Operations Manager, Stanford University

In the last two years Dustin Liang has had a crash course in how Stanford operates and how to navigate the different schools and central offices. As the web and operations manager in the School of Humanities and Sciences, he has been exposed to almost every aspect of IT at Stanford. One of Liang's major focuses has been improving websites within Humanities and Sciences. He works with both the staff and faculty at his school to revamp department and program sites, and the central web infrastructure team to improve the common Drupal platform at Stanford.

Marion Marquardt
Consultant, Web Croissants

Marion Marquardt works with higher-ed organizations to build their website service and consulting capacity from the ground up. In her role as trusted adviser and integral partner, she accompanies them through major transformations and multitudes of website redesigns. Prior to that, Marquardt worked with a network of international organizations for women's human rights, where she launched new initiatives for online advocacy and activism globally. Earlier in her career, Marion worked in the software industry in internationalization as well as in data mining and business analytics. She has over 10 years of experience leading technology planning and project management teams.