Hello from the Other Side: Painful Lessons Learned from a Website Redesign

UAD1 Usability, Accessibility and Design

Location: Ballroom C

MONDAY, 8:30 - 9:15 a.m.

Website redesigns are more than content and code. They are (or should be) a thoughtful and strategic process to improve a college’s largest publication. In this presentation I’ll talk about lessons learned during the recent redesign of Western Oregon University’s website. Late in the process we discovered a variety of issues that would have been prevented through decisions and discussions early on. Learn from our mistakes and find out how you can streamline your redesign process, help communication among involved parties, improve campus buy-in, and avoid settling for a website migration.

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Lisa Catto
Director, media relations and social media, Western Oregon University

Lisa Catto has managed the media relations and social media efforts at Western Oregon University for more than 11 years. While working at WOU, she discovered a passion for archaeology and is currently completing a master’s degree focused on public archaeology — a blending of her PR background and archaeological interests. Catto lives in Oregon, and while she loves it, she dreams of the day when teleportation is available so she can commute to work in Oregon from her (yet-to-be purchased but oft dreamed of) cottage in Scotland.