You Can't Spell Usability without USA!

UAD6 Usability, Accessibility and Design

Location: Ballroom C

MONDAY, 4:15 - 5:00 p.m.

Democratize usability at your campus! Just as content-creation has become the unalienable right of contributors across your campus, so too usability and it's message of user-centered design can become the pursuit of your whole college. We'll take a look at how to bring project teams and staff from across the school together in the patriotic mission of making people-centered websites. This session will cover which usability tasks to implement at every step of your project, how to spread the recruitment workload (so it doesn't all come out of your time budget), and how to spread a culture of student-centered design on your campus. We'll also share our process for recording, captioning, distributing usability results.

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Lydia Rediske
Web Developer Technician, Portland Community College

Lydia Rediske is a front-end web developer specializing in usability and accessibility accommodations. Her team of 8 maintain the ever-expanding website and portal for Portland Community College (enrollment: 89k).