Git For The Stubbornly-Resistant Organization

DPA4 Development, Programming and Architecture

Location: Cotton Row

MONDAY, 11:45 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

You and your team members would like to introduce Git for managing your development assets. You know it's popular, but you've also heard horror stories about converting. There's a lot of doubt, and things are working now.... sort of. Not well enough to be totally happy, but also not badly enough to just "throw everything up on GitHub" as people seem to keep suggesting. But there is a middle way, a way to move the organization forward into a more modern flexible development infrastructure without feeling like you've lost complete control of your source code. The Git ecosystem has matured to the point it can serve some of the most obstinate masters. This talk will dive into the methods of how I brought a stubbornly-resistant organization into the world of Git and how we tackled the most challenging obstacles to adoption, from management to engineering.

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Brian Panulla
Business Intelligence Developer, PropertyRadar

Brian Panulla is the Business Intelligence Developer for PropertyRadar, a Real Estate data analytics platform for investors and data-centric property professionals. Panulla's areas of specialty include search, modeling, data visualization, RESTful web APIs, and DevOps. Prior to joining PropertyRadar in 2011, Panulla spent nearly twenty years with Pennsylvania State University in various capacities, most recently as Director of the Extreme Events Laboratory in the College of Information Sciences and Technology There he guided development of a common research platform for information fusion, visualization and automated decision support systems.