Defeating Content Zombies: What “The Walking Dead” Taught Me About Web Governance

MCS9 Marketing, Content and Social Strategy

Location: Ballroom D

TUESDAY, 10:45 - 11:30 a.m.

We all know that our institutions need web governance, yet the road to this utopia always appears fraught with zombies. But without web governance, zombie content will continue to consume our site’s usability, travellers may be mislead by outdated information, and a culture of malaise keeps our sites from moving forward. This presentation will glean insights from cult hit “The Walking Dead” -- and from SUNY Oswego’s massive web redevelopment project -- to show that the journey to web governance is not so scary after all. Disclaimer: Knowledge of “The Walking Dead” is useful but not required; graphic violence is not anticipated; no humans or animals were harmed in the making of this presentation.

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Tim Nekritz
Director of Digital Communications/Associate Director of Communications and Marketing, SUNY Oswego

As Associate Director of Communications and Marketing and Director of Digital Communications at SUNY Oswego, Tim Nekritz leads creative direction, strategy, cultivation and wrangling of content and resources for and the college's social media channels. Nekritz has survived three massive web redesigns, too many content management systems and a few encounters with cannibalistic committees. He has presented at Confab Higher Ed twice, multiple times at Canada's Post-Secondary Education Web Conference and regional Higher Ed Web conferences. Nekritz also teaches a course in media writing at SUNY Oswego. He is the chief editor for HighEdWeb’s Link: The Journal of Higher Education Web Professionals.