“Mike’s an Idiot” And Other Ways a Responsive Shop Changed Recruitment in 2016

MCS8 Marketing, Content and Social Strategy

Location: Ballroom D

TUESDAY, 9:30 - 10:15 a.m.

What happens when you send prospective students an email with the subject line “Mike’s an Idiot," linked to an "un-marketing" video? How do you build an audience of 4,000 in nine months on Snapchat, on a campus with only 1,200 students? Why do millennials love dashcam videos and what happens when you put your baseball team in a van? Can movie trailers double as recruitment videos? Get answers to these questions and more at our session. Last year we said, "go bold, or go home’." This year? We went even bolder and saw huge returns on the risk. Hear from both the marketing and the enrollment sides of the team about why partnering together and taking bigger risks is working well for Beloit. We’ll even share details on why we plan to send blank postcards in 2017. Just kidding. Maybe.

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Melissa Dix
Associate Director of Communications and Marketing, Web and New Media Director, Beloit College

Melissa Dix, Associate Director of Communications and Marketing & Web and New Media Director, has been managing digital stuff at Beloit College for over eleven years. Her background includes six years with Motorola, managing and collaborating on web development projects spanning manufacturing, e-commerce and mobile commerce; and geeky years as a developer for Full Audio, an online, subscription-based music software startup in Chicago.

Bill Mortimer
Associate Director of Enrollment, Beloit College

Bill Mortimer currently serves as Director of Enrollment Strategy and Marketing at Beloit College where he leads a team dedicated to developing and executing a variety of strategic initiatives in business intelligence and brand cultivation. Bill strives to balance creativity with analytics, and takes a decidedly evidence based approach to enrollment strategy.