The Art of Texting Students

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Location: River Bluff

MONDAY, 9:30 - 10:15 a.m.

Leaving voicemail is considered rude and email is for old people. 98% of students use texting as their primary form of communication. With texting, institutions are able to efficiently increase engagement throughout the student lifecycle. We have helped over 100 institutions implement texting on their campus. We are here to share what we have learned along the way. In this session, we will explore: - the legalities of texting. - how to gracefully manage opt-in, opt-outs. - recommendations for governance. - proper content/copywriting.


David Marshall
President, Product Manager, Mongoose

As the founder of Mongoose, Dave is the chief architect of the company’s wildly successful texting platform. Before starting Mongoose, Dave co-founded LiquidMatrix—the company that dominated the Admissions Marketing Awards for 9 consecutive years before being acquired by Datatel (now Ellucian). In addition to leading the team that developed the most widely used e-recruiting tools in the country, Dave has presented at more than 100 industry conferences, written numerous articles on technology-based recruitment, and (in partnership with Noel-Levitz) founded and presented on numerous topics at the e-Recruitment Mastery Workshop.

Andrew Veatch
Vice President for Software, Mongoose

Andrew is responsible for the technology at Mongoose, and couldn’t be more excited to be helping institutions find and retain their students. Having spent nearly his entire career in higher education technology, he worked on the Banner system at SUNY Geneseo while a student there, developed custom integration components at LiquidMatrix and then at Datatel (now Ellucian). Previous to joining Mongoose, he spent 8 years at Campus Labs leading the development team as they transformed how institutions collected and analyzed data to become more effective.