Get Hooked on Integrations With Github

DPA2 Development, Programming and Architecture

Location: Cotton Row

MONDAY, 9:30 - 10:15 a.m.

Github service hooks are awesome tools for developers to integrate Github into the systems their organization uses. Even though there are over 75 items listed in Github’s integrations directory, this presentation will highlight just a few of the interesting ones. Also, we will look at a case study where Loma Linda University leveraged Github’s webhooks, a way to integrate with systems not in the integrations directory, to implement an automated deployment process for their in-house developed intranet portal platform.

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Christopher Thomas
Associate Director - Admin. Systems, Loma Linda University

Christopher Thomas is responsible for the tools and technology used by Loma Linda University's programmers to develop web apps. Outside of work, Thomas has been active for many years in the web development community by being an author and peer reviewer on, contributing to open source PHP projects, and contributing to the OAuth 2.0 spec. Thomas also likes to train for marathons and is always looking for interesting races.