Numbers Game: How Dartmouth & Marquette Measure Social Success

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Location: River Bluff

MONDAY, 3:00 - 3:45 p.m.

Your goals on social are varied: raise brand awareness, recruit new students, engage alumni and even increase donations. How do you define success on social and ensure that your efforts make an impact across departments, schools and organizations? In this panel discussion, Tim Cigelske (Director of Social Media, Marquette University), Erin Supinka (Social Media Manager, Dartmouth College) and Patrick Cuttica (Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Sprout Social) will talk about using analytics to inform your social strategy, secure buy-in for new initiatives and move beyond vanity metrics to measure what actually matters to your institution. Bring your questions and experiences to share for an interactive discussion.


Patrick Cuttica
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Sprout Social

Patrick Cuttica is the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Sprout Social, a leading provider of social media engagement, advocacy and analytics solutions for business. Prior to joining Team Sprout, Patrick was an avid Sprout user while managing several national brand accounts for a leading Chicago-based social media marketing agency. When he's not buried in his Twitter feed, Patrick can be found playing with his dogs or stand-up paddle boarding—or both! Follow him @pcutty.

Tim Cigelske
Director of Social Media, Marquette University

Tim Cigelske is the Director of Social Media at Marquette University and also teaches social media analytics, media writing and a seminar on creativity at the university. In addition to his day job, he is a freelance writer and associate editor at He has reported and written for the Associated Press, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Budget Travel, Adventure Cyclist and more. He also writes a blog for DRAFT Magazine called The Beer Runner.

Erin Supinka
Assistant Director of Digital Engagement, Dartmouth College

Erin Supinka is the director of digital engagement for Dartmouth College where she oversees and manages the College’s social media program. When not behind a phone or computer screen, you can find her hiking the Whites with her dog (Fern) working on her VW bus (Betty) or rooting the best city in world (Pittsburgh, PA).