Get Dirty. Be a Vagrant!

DPA7 Development, Programming and Architecture

Location: Cotton Row

TUESDAY, 8:30 - 9:15 a.m.

Do you need to work on your website while offline? Want to test code in a safe, production-like environment, without the extra work of having additional servers to manage? Maybe a little surprise project you want to develop and test without letting anyone know? If this is you--and it should be all of us--you need to be using Vagrant! You will get an introduction to how Vagrant works to allow you to have a complete virtual machine of your preferred production-like environment, how to configure & fine-tune your settings to accomplish amazing feats! And, play with Puppets too! For the managers in the crowd, Vagrant allows you to put a new staff person on a project, and be up and running in five minutes!

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C, Daniel Chase
Lead Web Developer, Empire State College

C. Daniel Chase discovered the Internet, very early. The first webmaster for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC), he has been responsible for all phases of the web technology stack, from hardware and virtual machines, to databases and web server applications. After having explored a few other positions around the country, Chase returned to his Alma Mater to lead the move into the use of a true content management system (CMS) in the form of OmniUpdate’s OU Campus. In 2015, the opportunity came along to take an early retirement from UTC and to once again spread his wings to see what he could do next. In 2016, Chase joined Empire State College to help with their upcoming implementation of new systems, and to manage their TerminalFour CMS. Today, he is the man-in-the-middle, integrating services, as well as planning web systems architecture. Still Dan-of-all-trades, he gets his fingers in everything.