The Web is Not a Project : How to Effectively Manage Your Web Operations

MPD1 Management and Professional Development

Location: Ballroom E

MONDAY, 8:30 - 9:15 a.m.

One of the biggest mistakes made by web teams is thinking about the web as a project. Projects by definition have an end and the project mindset is the primary reason the overall quality of websites deteriorates over time. When web teams define their work as a series of projects, the live site is often ignored as new projects become a priority. The result is content that quickly goes out of date, spelling errors and broken links undermine the credibility of the site, branding is compromised, and there is increased exposure to legal risks. In addition, many web teams have not created the internal processes and procedures necessary to efficiently manage the ongoing support of the site. In this presentation, Mark and Doug will introduce the audience to the field of web operations management which provides a framework to efficiently manage ongoing operations to meet business objectives and maintain the operational integrity of the site. Topics will include: • The differences between project work and operational work • How the project mindset is damaging your website. • How to move from project management to operations management • How to develop a website operations plan • Demonstration of an operations management system that streamlines requests and task management, improves internal and external communications, and provides resource tracking and reporting.

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Mark Greenfield
Digital Strategist, University at Buffalo

Mark Greenfield is a highly regarded, influential member of the higher education web community. He is an experienced consultant and an award winning speaker who is known for his thoughtful vision of the future of the web and technology on college campuses. He is very active in the web community serving on numerous boards and committees. Greenfield has worked at the University at Buffalo (UB) for 30 years. He currently serves as the Director, Office of Web Services, a position he has held since 2001. From 1997 – 2001, he was the Web Development Manager for Computing and Information Technology and the CIO’s Office. He began his career at UB as a supervisor for Instructional Technology Services where he played a significant role in integrating technology into the classroom.

Doug Kozar
Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications - Web Services, University at Buffalo

Doug Kozar currently serves as web developer and work order service manager at the University at Buffalo. The portfolio of websites and web applications in service encompases all of Academic Affairs and exceeds 70 websites and web applications. In addition to these roles, Doug is also responsible for Google Analytics, WordPress, database management, web security & server administration, and supervising the department’s student assistants. Prior to UB, Doug ran his own web consulting and web services practice for 9 years helping small business and municipal governments get on the web in the late ‘90’s. He has over 15 years experience as an IT Consultant and a strong background in computer technology, finance and accounting in the manufacturing, financial services, government, and healthcare industries.