Stop Repeating Yourself: Modularized WordPress Development

DPA5 Development, Programming and Architecture

Location: Cotton Row

MONDAY, 3:00 - 3:45 p.m.

Find yourself repeating the same basic tasks on every new development project you take on? Streamline and bring consistency to your development process by designing for reusability and bootstrapping your projects using tools like Yeoman and WP-CLI. This presentation will demonstrate the effectiveness of D.R.Y. (Don't Repeat Yourself) concepts across projects, concentrating on WordPress Theme development. Additionally, it will explore design patterns that promote shared, centralized data, reducing data duplication across your sites.

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Jim Barnes
Web Applications Developer, University of Central Florida

Jim Barnes is a software developer in Orlando, FL specializing in back-end development using Django-Python, PHP (WordPress) and ASP.NET, using jQuery, scss and Bootstrap for front-end work. Throughout his 8 year career in higher education, Barnes has developed projects from systems administration and integration tools to front-facing marketing websites for Florida's two largest universities. He is now employed in the Web Communications team at the University of Central Florida supporting the university's marketing and communication initiatives.

Jo Dickson
Web Applications Programmer, University of Central Florida

Jo Dickson is a Web Applications Programmer for the University of Central Florida's Marketing Department. Throughout her 4 years at UCF, she has designed, developed, and maintained a wide range of websites and web applications for the university. She specializes in front-end and WordPress theme development, and is passionate about building beautiful, user-friendly, and accessible interfaces.