That is Not My Job.

MPD4 Management and Professional Development

Location: Ballroom E

MONDAY, 11:45 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

We all know that person — the one who stays focused solely on the task at hand, doing only the work dictated by his or her job description. They may have incredible depth of knowledge and specialized skills — and quite possibly, a lot of education to back it up — but is that what it takes to be successful? Or can the common generalist’s outlook help your team step up their game? What if…everything was your job? What if we are working from the wrong job descriptions? What if, rather than focusing on our own success, we started to ask different questions that focus on our team’s success? How do we promote the success of the team as a whole? What would that look like? How would our focus change? This presentation takes a look at how, by turning the question around, we can change our culture and create stronger teams as a result. We’ll discuss why teamwork matters, and how you can contribute to the team in ways outside any job description, that will result in success not only for you and your team, but your institution as well. And really, isn’t that our job after all?

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Robin Smail
UX Designer, Penn State University

Robin Smail has focused on the connections between learning, community and user-centric design throughout her career. As the User Experience Designer in Penn State's Teaching & Learning with Technology group, she helps to imagine and build things that make the Penn State community more open and connected. Smail’s recent studio projects include developing the user experience of the Penn State Digital Badging Platform, and guiding the General Education Task Force in their efforts to create a transparent, open environment for authentic discussion and collaboration while rethinking the General Education requirements. She’s a passionate user advocate, an authentic voice who's never afraid to speak up, and can be found online everywhere misbehaving as Robin2go.