Gone Idea Fishing: A Creative Problemsolving Tacklebox

MPD11 Management and Professional Development

Location: Ballroom E

TUESDAY, 3:00 - 3:45 p.m.

I've often been told, "I wish I was a creative person like you," as if creativity were a static trait, that some people are simply creative and some are not. But creative problem solving is, in fact, a concrete skillset that anyone can learn, practice, and master. With the aid of an apt metaphor - fishing - I will share key concepts, strategies, and tools for finding novel solutions to difficult problems. This package of skills can be applied to challenges in any of our disciplines. Whether you are a developer, project manager, writer, social strategist, designer, or just someone who needs a good idea from time to time, expect to leave this session with some new ideas for coming up with ideas. No prior experience with creative problem solving techniques required. If you are a total pro at this you might not get as much or if it, although you will hopefully appreciate the metaphor.

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Matt Ryan
Associate Director f Web Communications, Carleton College

Matt Ryan is a designer, usability researcher, and UX professional who works at Carleton College in Minnesota. He has led countless brainstorms and design processes, and is excited to share his rules and process for finding the best ideas.