Mastering Person Data: Making the Data About You, Work For You

AIM4 Applications, Integration and Mobile

Location: Steamboat

MONDAY, 11:45 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

If you were to ask three different business units what information about a person is key to them, there would most likely be three different answers with some commonalities. Take this example and apply it to the real world where it's not only university business units need information about a person, but also all of the cloud applications that exist or are on the horizon. Leveraging the EIP (Enterprise Information Platform), Ohio State was able to bring ALL of the important data points about a person to a single location. HR (appointments, hire dates, position info, department info, addresses), IAM (affiliations), Student (academic info), Building (space management link), and Research (KM Data link). This information flows from varying databases through EIP to a load process that builds the person documents and loads them into an Elasticsearch type and in turn exposed via EIP. Some notable consumers of this data currently are the Ohio Board of Regents, BuckeyeLearn (a cloud-based administrative LMS), and varying workflows in our Electronic Document Management (EDM) system. Within the next year, Ohio State’s move to WorkDay Financials will be leveraging the Person Master source for various data points. As a developer, you no longer have to manage a plethora of endpoints for varying data points about a person. Through the EIP, each developer or team can have one endpoint that serves the elements they need by the parameters they require. As the underlying data store is Elasticsearch the performance is enhanced immensely. The entire employed population , ~65k people, with HR data, affiliations, appointments, addresses, academic info, department info, building API link, and research data API link returned in minutes.

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Jim Kittle
Application Architect, The Ohio State University

Jim Kittle is an Application Architect at The Ohio State University. With a technical tool belt that includes development in just about every language, data modeling, security, and process engineering, he is never bored or looking for work. When pulling spare time out of the abyss, Jim is usually working on his OSCP certification, researching container architecture, and continuous integration. All in all, he's a nerd who can talk shop with the someone who doesn't know the difference between a web page and web service.