The Next Generation: Post-Millennials...What Is Next?

TIE7 Technology in Education

Location: Sultana/Mississippi

TUESDAY, 8:30 - 9:15 a.m.

This popular session from last year is back with new research on the iGeneration and late Millennials. With a focus on technology and cultural shifts, we will explore generational differences and similarities and why those things are important. Come find out about what traits this generation has, and what impact will they have on the work you do.

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Douglas Tschopp
Entrepreneurial Center Director, Augustana College

Doug Tschopp is the Entrepreneurial Center Director at Augustana College in Illinois. He also teaches public relations and advises student organizations focused on web and advertising. This early "web guy" is known by many for his expertise in research-driven UI development and strategic planning. His long history with this conference includes pioneering the first track focused on content and design, and many years as the conference's program chair.