Share Human: The Value of Sharing Beyond Authenticity

MCS2 Marketing, Content and Social Strategy

Location: Ballroom D

MONDAY, 9:30 - 10:15 a.m.

Humans have always had an innate need to share their lives with others in a variety of ways. From the first cave paintings to the latest apps, we continue to invent ways to learn, to create, to express, to discover, and to share ourselves with the world. But when we share as institutions, as organizations, as brands, we too often let a vague need to be "authentic" get in the way of truly engaging with our human audiences. First presented as the keynote for the 2016 HighEdWeb New England regional conference, this is a personal exploration of how we can and should embrace the human core of what, why, and how we share; how we can eliminate the barriers that keep us from sharing, and how we can share better by sharing human.

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David Cameron
Recruitment Marketing Web Producer, Ithaca College

Dave Cameron is a human who likes to enable other humans to create, discover, and share awesome experiences with the world. Currently the lead web producer and content strategist for enrollment and recruitment marketing at Ithaca College, he has worked in higher ed communications for over 12 years as a writer, multimedia producer, production coordinator, social media manager, and content editor. He gives talks and writes regularly at about building better habits, improving the higher ed web experience, and the wonderful complexities of being human. When he’s not working or learning, he is practicing sleight-of-hand magic, enjoying the finest local food and drink of the Finger Lakes, and generally hanging out with his awesome wife. He has been a member of the HighEdWeb Association since 2012, including stints as a presenter, keynote speaker, and regional conference co-chair.